Programme 2012

Public institution “Iniciatyvos fondas” (“Fund of Initiative”) in 2007 established by investment company “Invalda” in this year organizes project “Judėti sveika 2012” (“Moving is healthy 2012”). Purpose of the program is to attract attention, especially of youth to physical activity as to one of the sources of good being and mean of many illnesses’ prophylaxis.

Basic and secondary schools and gymnasiums students are invited to participate in the program. Those wishing to participate have to fill by themselves participant form at “Iniciatyvos fondas” Internet site and wait for pedometer arriving via mail. After the program it will stay as a participant possession for remembrance as well as a reminder about necessity of active life!

It’s planned to involve in “Moving is Healthy 2012” program about 1000 participants – all of them will have to register providing their age, represented educational institution, city, later on – inform how their paced, what distances they walked, how long it took et cetera.

Why we need this?:
– To be able to evaluate how much time in average moves young person;
– To evaluate distances covered;
– To know which cities/regions are most active;
– To evaluate which age group is most active;
– To be able to evaluate many other young people physical activity habits.
Now “Iniciatyvos Fondas” is looking for program partners, including mass media which would like and could to prepare shows or commentaries about program “Moving is Healthy 2012″participants’ everyday life (i.e.” life with pedometer”).

Course of events