Programme 2009

``A book brings joy of knowledge. Let's share`` - programme in support of social initiative

The Programme in support of social initiative in 2009 was targeted at people, who were looking for knowledge, were constantly learning and developing. During the implementation the programme „A book brings joy of knowledge. Let‘s share“ employees of Invalda company group were encouraged to review their personal libraries and to give the already red books to Lithuanian public libraries. The citizens of capital city Vilnius were also invited to share their books. Invalda has also bought a significant number of absolutely new books.

In the period of the programme Initiative fund collected more than 6,4 thousand books. About 77 percent of books were in Lithuanian, 12 percent in Russian and the rest were the books issued in English, Polish, German and Scandinavian languages.

About 45 percent of given books are issued until 1989, 34 percent are issued in the period of 1990 – 1991 and about 21 percent of books are issued during 2000 – 2009.

There are over 2840 libraries in Lithuania. About 60 of them are public libraries having over 1280 branch offices in cities and countryside.