Programme 2010

A person learns to be responsible, when he or she has a possibility to create something by his or her own hands and heart. Social initiative programme in 2010 is seeking to encourage schools and communities of Vilnius city to take a simple action and to plant a tree in the territory of the school or the place of living.

Goal of the programme: to plant trees in the territories of schools and communities of Vilnius city and to encourage the feeling of responsibility and nature care.

Who can participate: schools and communities of Vilnius city are invited and encouraged to participate in the programme. Registered participants will be provided with trees for free also other needed equipment such as gloves and spades.

The steps and duration of the programme: the programme will start in September, 2010 and will continue until April, 2011. The tree planting will take place in October, 2010 and educational events will follow the action. According to the age of students they are encouraged to write essays, poems or paint pictures on the ecology topic. The best works will be exhibited.

Friends and partners: Vilnius State Forest Enterprise and Vilnius city municipality are invited to be partners and consultants of the programme in 2010.