Programme 2016-2020

Let’s create a positive Lithuania together: the “Positive Journal” initiative

Positive and significant things occur in society every day, you just have to stop and look around. Positive examples and good news should not go unnoticed.

But are today’s heroes really those the newspapers and internet write about? The bad news that dominates in the media negatively affects a person’s psyche and view of the world, and ultimately all of society’s quality of life. While we can’t totally avoid negativity in these times of information overload, still, each of us can consciously control how much and what type of information we consume. And that’s why we were encouraging people to take notice of positive news in the public realm and share it with those around them.

The objective of the “Positive Journal” project was to draw attention to positive changes that are underway in society and to the good things all of us achieve. Such things often go unnoticed in the general flow of news. We wanted to change people’s mindset and help them think positively, inspire them with good examples, and reduce the amount of negative news out there.

We  filmed 1000 stories with a positive message, to inspire people to see the good. We’re convinced that efforts to share what’s nice and good will truly help to achieve the interior peace we long for and will also bring some joy to other people’s hearts. There are many things we could do, but first of all let’s start with ourselves and talk about all that is good.

We believe society is becoming more conscious, with more and more people who care. So we encourage you to follow this path and, step by step, adjust your daily life by noticing ever more the good it holds. And without even realizing it, though it seems like nothing has changed, we’ll look back and see how everything’s transformed.

The “Positive Journal” was a virtual home for what we achieve, telling the stories of people who are spreading light by what they do. Dedication to others and the belief that even one person can change the world – these are the core values that inspire meaningful achievements.

The “Positive Journal” project was an initiative of the Iniciatyvos Fondas social enterprise foundation.

More information about „Positive Journal“ project at the website . Here  watch and read only what’s positive, good and inspiring!